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Learn the Science of Success

  • Engage Your True Potential
  • Improve Performance Results
  • Develop Unstoppable Confidence
  • Fortify Your Self-Belief
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Peak Performance Psychological Skills Training Program

Congratulations! You’ve just found one of the most complete and effective Peak Performance and Mental Toughness Training Programs available today.

Carefully created for that special group of men and women who do not want to settle for anything less than discovering and engaging their true potential. This mental skills training program contains over 7 hours of expert training and instruction instantly available as an audio download straight to your device.

This audio training course is powerful. Get ready to take charge and excel like never before as DC Gonzalez, sports mental training coach and best-selling author, teaches you the critical essentials and the complete body of knowledge required to help you reach new levels of achievement and personal success – at whatever it is that you do.

Much like in his personal coaching sessions, this instructional program captures Dan’s relaxed and effective teaching style. Loaded with quality content, this training program is second to none. Discover mental toughness exercises for athletes that will help you excel and overcome obstacles even outside the realm of sports.  Learn the sports and exercise psychology mental skills that when used correctly, will help you achieve your dreams.

Mental Skills Toughness Training Program

In this comprehensive and easy to understand audio course, Dan teaches you exactly how to achieve and engage the Champion Mindset. You will learn how to use the tools and techniques that help create the Ideal Performance State from which peak performance springs forth. Once you understand what you are shooting for mentally, and how to get there, then new higher levels of personal success and goal achievement become the new norm.

Mental Toughness Exercises Training for Athletes

The Performance Edge – Peak Performance Course will improve your results. It will fortify your self-belief system, improve your self-confidence, and develop within you the Mental Edge that makes all the difference. Get ready to take charge, excel, and leave the competition behind as you learn, practice, and apply these proven and powerful concepts, strategies, tools, and techniques.

Sports and Performance Psychology

And as a special added bonus, this program also includes the complete set of Success Conditioning Mental Training Programs: Deep Relaxation, Unstoppable Confidence, Personal Best, and Goal Achievement – adding over 2 more hours of powerful training to this quality course. These carefully designed special programs were created for the serious peak performance student. They add a unique and powerful element to your mental skills training like no other program does, engaging the power of your subconscious mind to help propel you towards the success you envision for yourself. Learn to use the body of knowledge that makes all the difference – Start today!

Welcome to The Performance Edge – Peak Performance Mental Training Course!


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DC Gonzalez

DC Gonzalez

Peak Performance Coach and Best-Selling Author, DC Gonzalez, is among a very fortunate few that have had the unique experience of learning from the late P.C. Siegel, a world-renowned sports and peak performance authority, sports hypnotherapist, and Neuro Linguistics Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner.

With a client list that includes top athletes, executives, actors, pro-fighters, musicians, soldiers, doctors, lawyers, psychologists, and many others from all walks of life; Dan has been helping clients reach new levels of achievement and performance since 1988.

Dan’s education and experience as a Peak Performance Coach, an Aviator in the Navy, a Federal Agent, Military Cyber-Security Specialist, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt and MMA Instructor, enables him to show you exactly how to achieve the Champion Mindset and gain the Mental Edge in an easy to understand way.



I have used mental training for excelling in Olympic skeet shooting and read many classics to hone my mental performance. I was expecting little out of this because I thought I knew it all. Much to my surprise this added to my arsenal and cleared many nagging doubts. The USP of this is in its simplicity. Great authors and trainers have the knack of imparting knowledge in a very easy and succinct way. DC Gonzalez has this knack. A must buy for all those aspiring to reach greater heights in their sports performance.


Getting my mental game in check. '#The Art of Mental Training’.


Great book! #TheArtofMentalTraining

Dr. Kate Roberts (@DrKateParenting): Psychologist, parent coach, relationship strategist, mom, HuffPost & Psychology Today blogger

#Thank you DC Gonzalez for #TheArtofMentalTraining

Course Curriculum

Phase 1 - Taking Control


Part 1:  Attitude is Everything

Part 2:  Cancel/Cancel – Stop Negativity on the Spot

Part 3:  Developing a Laser Sharp Performance Focus

Part 4:  Distraction Control for Peak Performance

Part 5:  Creating an Expectation of Success

Phase 2 - Gaining Momentum


Part 1:  Imagineering – Set the Warrior/Champion Free

Part 2:  The Critical 3 – Breathing, Relaxation, Imagery

Part 3:  Success Conditioning – How and Why it Works

Part 4:  The Power of  Visualization (Guided Exercise)

Phase 3 - Maintaining Control


Part 1:  Controlling Anger 

Part 2:  On Losing

Part 3:  Controlling Fear

Part 4:  Too Intense   

Part 5:  Changing Your Mental State on Demand

Part 6:  Cool Under Pressure 

Part 7:  The Internal Critic – Friend or Foe

Phase 4 - Psychology of Change


Part 1:  Decisions – The Power to Change Your Life

Part 2:  The Power to Control Your Actions

Part 3:  The Power of Having a Vision

Part 4:  Creating Your Future (Guided Exercise)

Part 5:  On Goals – The Simple Truth 

Phase 5 - Making It Happen


Part 1:  Getting There

Part 2:  Do the Work

Part 3:  Commitment – Making it Happen

Part 4:  A Champion Always Prepares to Win

Part 5:  The Zone – Creating the Ideal Mental Climate

Part 6:  Thirty Ways to Maximize Your Confidence

Part 7:  Anchoring Your Mental State Change (Guided Workshop)

Part 8:  Creating Your Pre-Performance Routine (Guided Workshop)


Success Conditioning Mental Training Programs

Fortify Your Self-Belief, Maximize Your Self-Confidence, and Improve Your Performance Results by Using the Complete Set of These Specialized Peak Performance Mental Training Audio Programs as Recommended. Carefully Designed and Created to Help You Unleash and Focus the Power of Your Subconscious Mind. Reach Higher Levels of Achievement and Personal Success. Set the Warrior/Champion Free!

Deep Relaxation

Unstoppable Confidence

Personal Best

Goal Achievement




Success Conditioning Bundle

Achieve the Performance Edge

  • Instantly Downloadable So You Can Train Anywhere
  • Gain the Champion Mindset for Peak Performance
  • Engage Your True Potential
  • Generate Powerful Results


Learn the Science of Success

  • Engage Your True Potential
  • Improve Performance Results
  • Develop Unstoppable Confidence
  • Fortify Your Self-Belief
Buy Now / $67